1. Lanita Whitehurst says:

    Hello Mike, I’m really enjoying your daily posts! I’ve been an ACIM student for about 18 months and I appreciate the lens you bring to hearing what the Course is saying to us today in our unique Western context. I’m posting just to remind you that not all of your listeners are White. I am a Black woman and I know other BIPOC activists who are listening. Keep up the great work. I look forward to hearing your take on what ACIM might be saying not only to Western White people, but also to Western BIPOC who seemingly have a conflicted existence of both privilege and oppression within America’s empirical, White supremacist, patriarchal, ableist society.


    1. Thank you, Lanita, for your kind and gentle reminder. I must pay better attention to my phrasing. You’re right;
      all of us regardless of our origins have been inculturated more or less successfully into white supremacy and patriarchy, and even more successfully into capitalism and imperialism. I love the BIPOC acronym. Again, thanks for the sensitive correction.


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