Welcome to “A Course in Miracles for Social Activists.” I’m your host, Mike Rivage-Seul, and in this podcast, I interpret the mystical classic, A Course in Miracles recognizing that the voice of Jesus there is addressed explicitly to North Americans living in the belly of the imperial beast that has succeeded the Roman Empire responsible for the execution of the historical Jesus. From the viewpoint of that Jesus, A Course in Miracles invites his rich followers to stop believing that we are under attack by the world’s poor and powerless and in turn to stop attacking them. A Course in Miracles calls us to awakened forgiveness of the world’s poor and oppressed and to atonement (at-one-ment) with them. It summons us to peace, disarmament, and renunciation of war.

Mike Rivage-Seul is an emeritus professor from Berea College in Kentucky. A liberation theologian and former priest-member of the Society of St. Columban, he is currently a senior editor at OpEdNews. His primary blog site is “About Things That Matter.” It features weekly “homilies for progressives” based on the liturgical readings for each week. Mike is particularly interested in the links between political activism and following Jesus the Christ as understood in the theology of liberation — and in A Course in Miracles.