Episode 6: Marcus Aurelius & ACIM

The example of Marcus Aurelius shows how highly developed spiritual seekers can be unconscious of their identity as oppressors.


  1. brandnuheavy says:

    I was excited to see this episode in my email inbox! This undertaking of yours is such a gift. While I’ve always found the truths in ACIM powerful, I’ve often felt that it was ignoring the collective ego-oppression of the various “isms” that plague the world. Thank you for this analysis of ACIM through the eyes of the oppressed. I look forward to upcoming episodes!


    1. Thanks so much, Brandnu. I’m also looking forward to re-reading Book Two of ACIM from history’s underside. I believe it
      holds a powerful challenge for those of us who are aware that we’re living in a white supremacist, capitalist, imperialist patriarchy that insists on defending itself from perceived attacks from those it has colonized and exploited. As the text explains, no one is attacking us. We therefore
      have no need for counter-attack in endless wars.


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