Episode 3: ACIM through the Lense of Biblical Scholarship

This episode asks the same questions of A Course in Miracles that biblical scholars ask of the “inspired” texts found in the Bible.


  1. Mindy Thomas says:

    Hi Mike!

    I just found your podcast and turns out it was at the perfect time! I have heard of A course in Miracles off and on for years as well Marianne Williamson but was always turned off by it. The book itself is daunting when you pick it up and I am still skeptical of the use of the word god. As much as I feel like I have changed and grown I still carry baggage from my time in the Christian church and the betrayal I felt when I realized that Christianity as a religion was not what I thought it was. I have been contemplating this and have come to believe that often the thing I most resist, once accepted, seems to be exactly what I was looking for or needed. So as fate, god, spirit, love, the universe or that thing that connects us all would have it, I bought a course in miracles the other day and it should be arriving today. I have a few days off work and with Steve and Matthew back in school am planning some time in meditation, nature and with the book.
    Thank you for your practical dissection and explanation of how the book came to be. Another reason I tend to reject things is because they are not for or accessible to everyone, including and most importantly the marginalized and poor. I assume if its not for everyone its not true. However, I see now the message is for everyone but in this form it is presented for someone like me. A white, upper middle class basic bitch. (By basic bitch I mean privileged, white and wealthy.)
    I chose to buy the book and work through its message because I believe it will help me see through the eyes of love and connectedness instead of through fear and separation. Your discussion has primed me to get off on the right foot! I look forward to your future podcasts. Thank you as always for sharing your wisdom and truth. What a treat to be your friend.


    1. Mindy, I so treasure your friendship too. I’m still working on my next posting on the ACIM podcast site. However, I won’t get that out till next month sometime. That’s because my current immediate project is rewriting and preparing for publication a novel I wrote more than 20 years ago. On my blog, I’m doing an audio version of one chapter every day for the next month or so. It’s a good way to rewrite and edit. As for ACIM, it is very difficult to understand. My advice is to begin with the workbook doing one exercise (there are 365 of them) each day for a year. Meanwhile, I’ll be writing about them too. Also, Marianne Williamson has her own series doing the same thing. I really admire her. Marianne describes her NYT bestseller, “A Return to Love,” as ACIM Cliff’s Notes. You might begin there. Anyway, the exercises will keep you busy (and growing spiritually) for at least a year. Love you. — Mike


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